Panna Cotta


Lazy Level: ZZZZZ


  1. Whipping cream 500ml
  2. Milk 150ml
  3. White sugar 60g
  4. Gelatine slices 8g
  5. Strawberries (or other fruits)

Things you need to use

  1. Milk pot
  2. Glass


    Let’s start baking!

    1. Put whipped cream, milk, and white sugar in a pot and heat it over medium heat.
    2. Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water, remove it after it becomes completely soft, and squeeze the excess water.
    3. When the creamy milk in the pot is about to boil, turn off the heat, add gelatine, and stir well.
    4. Divide into glasses, refrigerate for more than 4 hours, or until it sets and does not shake.
    5. Put strawberries, passion fruit or any other fruit on the panna cotta.


    If you are not so lazy

    You can add a little white sugar to the strawberries (blueberries, blackberries, mulberries), boil them on low heat until they are slightly thick, and the homemade jam is complete!