Red Wine Ganache

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Lazy Level: ZZZZZ


Raw ingredients

The finished product is about 300ml

1 Dark Chocolate 130g

2 Whipping Cream 90g

3 Red Wine 90g

4 Cocoa Powder 7g

5 Butter 30g


Things you need to use

Electronic scale

Milk saucepan


Let’s start baking!

1 Chop the dark chocolate, cut butter into small pieces, and put them together in a bowl.

2 Place red wine, whipped cream, and cocoa powder in the saucepan, heat to a boil on low heat, and stir from time to time.

3 Pour into the bowl while it's hot, let it sit for a minute and gently stir with a manual whisk, or use a spoon if not, until all the chocolate and butter are melted.

4 Can be used directly, or it can be put in a cup / jar and let it cool in the refrigerator, the texture will become thicker.

5 Drizzle to the things you want have it with and enjoy!

***If you are not that lazy, you can add a teaspoon of coffee powder (ground coffee made from coffee beans please), coffee can enhance the outstanding chocolate flavor.


Traditional ganache has only two materials, equal amounts of light cream and chocolate, adding red wine gives layer and depth to it, just like the difference between Justin Bieber and George Clooney!! You can use any red wines that you liked to drink from Merlot to pinot noir to cabernet franc all of these are good.

It can be drizzled on ice cream, various cakes, mousse, pancake, dip biscuits, strawberries anything you like!


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