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White Wine Poached Pears

WHITE WINE POACHED PEARS Lazy level: Z Z Z Z Z ------ Ingredients -Pears 4pcs -White wine 750ml -Brown Sugar 70g -Spices (vanilla, or cinnamon, or ginger powder, or lemon) ------ Tools -Electronic scale Saucepan ------ Let ’s start baking! 1 Put white wine, a large glass of water, brown sugar, spices in the pot, and heat it over low heat. 2 Peel the pear, you can keep the whole, or you can cut and halve the pear in half, and put it in the pot when the liquid in the pot is about to boil. 3 Stew on low heat for 20-25 minutes, or until it can be easily inserted with a knife, remove from the pot. 4 Collect...

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