Lazy Baking Studio is NOT an allergy-free kitchen.
We cannot guarantee that our products are free from any ingredient that may affect certain food allergies, but all efforts are made to minimise this risk.
The following ingredients are used in our kitchen:

  •  Milk
  •  Eggs 
  •  Nuts: Peanuts, Pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, coconut
  •  Wheat & Gluten

We recognize the seriousness of food allergies and we recommend that you contact us before you place an order to inform us if of any food allergies that you or your party may have.  

Lazy Baking will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or food items one may come in contact with while eating a product from our kitchen.


Products made by Lazy Baking Studio are made by hand and accordingly there will be minor variations in appearance. All photos, illustrations and descriptions displayed on the Lazy Baking Studio website or social media platforms are for guidance purposes only.

For decoration purpose, certain products such as sugar flowers, fondant figurines, dummy cake, fondant balloons, cookie decorations, cake toppers, fresh flowers and leaves may include toothpicks, bamboo sticks, wires, floral tape, styrofoam fillings, acrylic or wood material. Please remove the pieces before consuming the product.


COMPLAINTS: Because of their perishable nature, our products are non-returnable. This does not affect your statutory rights.
In order for us to resolve any complaints quickly and to our mutual satisfaction, we advise you to make any complaint within 1 day of the date of delivery or intended delivery of your purchase. 

All our products should be kept refrigerated or stored at room temperature/ air-conditioned room, out of direct sunlight on a flat surface. Recommended storage instructions are indicated on all packagings. No preservatives or additives are used in BOW products therefore they should be treated as fresh food and should be consumed within 72 hours of the delivery/collection date



Lazy Baking Studio will not be responsible for damage to any cake once it has left our studio, so please make sure you plan ahead as to how you intend to transport it.

Since every cake is a different size and shape, we do not typically have a sealed box to put it in. Make sure you have a clear, flat spot in your vehicle for transportation, ideally using a non-slip mat. We DO NOT recommend placing it on a car seat.


As we ensure the material on our website is accurate and up to date when it's published, you must exercise your own independent skill and judgment before you rely on it. In any important matter, you should seek professional advice relevant to your own circumstances.

Please note that some materials on this website includes views or recommendations of third parties. We cannot verify the accuracy of the information, which have been provided by third parties.