Honey Bees Buttercream Cake [Passionfruit Coconut]

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Honey Bees Buttercream Cake [Passionfruit Coconut]

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Cocout flavoured cake with layers of passionfruit buttercream filing. Finished with Yellow Gradient frosting buttercream Florals and Fondant Bees. 

In this class you will learn,
How to bake a Coconut flavoured cake
How to make passionfruit buttercream filing
How to make frosting
How to cut, layer, stack and cream a cake
How to do the decorate the cake.

You will bring home,
A 1lb cake [4"]
A box of 12 mini cupcakes.
If you would like to share the seat with a friend, there will be an additional cost of $300. this includes an additional box of 12 mini cupcakes
Classes will be taught in both Cantonese & English.
All tools, ingredients and packagings are included in class.
Homemade Madeleines & Tea are provided in all classes!
All our classes will be provided in small groups with a maximum capacity of 8 only.
Happy Baking!